What to Look For in an Online Medical Scheduler?

When your practice is busy, even the smallest tasks that can be outsourced or automated can make the difference between an environment of “controlled chaos” and an environment rife with headaches and short fuses. Such is the case when a doctor or health professional decides to use the services of an online scheduler, or a solution designed to alleviate some of the routine demands placed upon the front-desk staff of a medical practice.

However, when you, as a doctor or a private practice owner, decide to acquire appointment scheduling or reminder services, what is it exactly that you should be looking for in order for you to get the most out of your investment? Here are five things that you should look for when you’re thinking about investing in an online scheduling service.

An online scheduler should be customizable for a variety of health professions

Not all medical or health professions revolve around providing treatment for sore-throats and sprained ankles; dentists, chiropractors, psychologists, psychiatrists and spa treatment / massage service business owners all provide services that cater to the health and well-being field. Thus, these health professionals should be able to use an online scheduler in the same way that a traditional M.D. can, while providing a way to customize the scheduler to suit their particular needs.

Online scheduling systems should provide privacy and abuse protection

When a medical or health practice allows patients to set their own appointments through an online scheduler, they should only use a system that is designed to offer protection against abuse and protects each and every patient’s privacy so as to comply with HIPPA.
Moreover, the doctor or authorized office staff should be able to set access restrictions for each of the patients.

Choose an online scheduler that acts as an appointment reminder

When you’re looking to make an investment in a scheduling service, it only makes sense to choose one with the best features. When an online scheduler acts as an appointment reminder service, such as sending out email and telephone appointment reminders to existing patients, doctors and health professionals not only can work to boost productivity within their office during business hours, they can significantly cut down on the costs accrued due to no-show appointment revenue losses.

Backups are important with an online appointment scheduler

Even with the best methods in place, technology is sometimes unreliable. While web-based scheduling systems are highly sought after because of their efficiency regarding use and overall cost, having the assurance that you can receive a hard-copy backup of the day’s appointments is a necessary measure, even in today’s world of deep technological advancements.

Online scheduling software should track statistics

While if an online scheduler has the ability to make callback appointments and send out appointment reminders it’s considered beneficial; online schedulers that allow for statistics tracking, such as no-show appointments and cancellations can help you, as a medical business owner, to pinpoint problematic areas in your practice so that you can address them and improve your financial bottom line.

Web-based medical scheduling software can, indeed, be an asset to your medical or health practice. By using these five criteria to identify an online scheduler that will work for you, you’ll not only be improving the efficiency of your practice, you’ll more than likely be adding dollars to your businesses bottom line as well.